Before you dive into these Quick Tips, please note that they are simply designed as a 1-5 minute bursts of inspiration to you thinking differently, move you to a higher level of thinking and operating, or rouse you out of a funk: Fun, fast and hopefully effective re-frames to line you up for your day.

That said, sometimes quick’n’easy solutions just won’t cut it. There are times to rest, to stop, to ask for help, to grieve. Times to

Stop Doing Something and Just Sit There!

In my experience, if we ignore these messages and instead decide to ‘push through’ or ‘soldier on’, our bodies and minds will find increasingly powerful (and destructive) ways to make us pay attention (insomnia, anxiety, depression, health problems, relationship problems etc).

Re-framing your very real and physical exhaustion or anxiety is not a sustainable solution. Knowing you should or need to do something is not the same as doing it. Do the do and seek the longer term solutions you need and deserve.

With that caveat in mind, please enjoy exploring these Quick Tips, initially designed as fortnightly blogs (sometimes chronological but always with 2 weeks in between for reflection and practice).

To your success