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Because each team and business we work with present their own unique combination of experience, knowledge and frustrations, there is no predetermined series of workshops we routinely recommend. Once we understand the THINKING that creates the successes and challenges of a business, leadership team or individual leader, we create a package that will deliver the outcomes sought.

Participants come away from our workshops knowing what they must do differently to bring about the change they seek, and more significantly, the motivation and personal resolve to commit to making it happen.

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Common topics, delivered as a stand-alone focus, or in combination with others, include:

Leadership and People Management

We address not just the technical side of managing people, but the critical THINKING that stands between knowing tools and techniques, and delivering them back in the workplace. We build in behavioural flexibility to enable our clients adapt and continue to see results in the face of change and challenge.

  • Developing the skills of natural born leaders
  • Leadership for stress-free change
  • Building a happy AND productive team
  • Performance and disciplinary management to build morale and team performance
  • Setting the vision, achieving the goals
  • Delegation
  • Motivation and management- retaining the right people to build the business and culture

Effective Self Management

We cannot hope to effectively manage others, if we cannot first manage ourselves, with confidence, consistency and clear, demonstrated success. Common areas for development include:

  • Strategic Time Management
  • Stress Management (and achieving the elusive work/ life balance)
  • Self confidence and natural assertiveness
  • Building your Professional Brand

High Impact communication

Much of what is not working effectively in a workplace can be boiled down to ineffective communication. Learning how to leverage your personal style to be most effective with any number of personalities and character types can be the difference that makes the difference.

  • Communication to change behaviour
  • Negotiation skills to build long term relationships
  • Stress free conflict resolution
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills

The Missing Think is based in the beautiful city of Adelaide, South Australia. If you would like a Missing Think program delivered outside Adelaide, please contact us to discuss how we can best help you.