What an amazing three days we experienced last week.  Thank you so much.  You were inspiring, encouraging and supportive in my quest to more efficiently and effectively manage Porter & Co’s team and create more free time.  Since returning to the real world, I have found I keep reflecting on the tools and guidelines you gave us to keep the correct mindset.  It is changing the way we work. For example, we have restructured our management meetings.  I find myself handballing responsibility back to the person responsible for the job rather than taking ownership myself.  It is empowering both for them and me!  We also have changed our language at work.  We no longer have difficult customers; just that some are more challenging than others!  There are so many points that you introduced and they are all relevant not just at work but in all aspects of daily life. I could go on…

– Kate Porter, Managing Director, Porter & Co – Wine and Spirit Merchants

Tracy has helped me work through my goals, understand what’s important to me, and helped me develop strategies to focus on these priorities. She has an amazing and infectious energy. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel better after each session. My wife comments on the effect Tracy’s coaching has had; making me happier and more focused.

I started out thinking that I should focus on setting and achieving goals. Tracy helped me understand that without firstly understanding and refining my beliefs any achievements might be short lived. She has a fantastic ability to sort through the chaff and identify the core of issues; to listen and be compassionate – but also to help you focus and to challenge you.

It was evident from the start that Tracy is a natural coach and has the necessary insight and ability to connect which will make a difference in the life of anyone blessed enough to spend time with her. More than just the advice given during our conversations, Tracy was also an inspiration to me through her energized attitude and approach.

– David Brunoro, Canberra

  •  Thought it was beneficial to me personally but definitely not long enough. Although, it was short I was still able to hear and discuss things that have changed my way of thinking in a positive way. Tracy was great.
  •  Facilitator was excellent. All information was perfectly in-line with current business goals. This accommodated both personal and business needs, in understanding what impacts motivation. An excellent course.
  •  Tracy was fantastic – I believe this is the best session we have had so far. Extremely inspiring!! Please bring her back one day.
  •  I loved the session it was so inspiring and she was fantastic! I think all staff would benefit from a session like that. It was way to short though, a whole day session would be amazing!
  •  I took away one good idea that struck a chord with me.  I shared it with a colleague who agreed it was a good idea. I believe the “ripple effect” is invaluable and more large corporations should take on coaching as part of their normal training curriculum.

– Coaching and personal effectiveness, Westpac head office

  •  Excellent content. Very specific. This is an uplifting & inspiring course. It was a journey. It will change my life.
  • Best program leader in 18 years I have experienced. Inspiring, the best program leader I have experienced. Well presented.
  •  Outstanding presentation. Extremely professional and well presented. Impressive depth of knowledge. Best program leader I have had at other external courses. Tracy was great, learnt heaps.

– Effective People Management at AIM