The Thinking

The Missing Think recognises that there is more to managing people than applying the latest management model, or attending a leadership workshop. Certainly, we deliver the tried and trusted methods of effective people management, but more than that, we instill the critical thinking required to enable the individual to Make It Happen in practice back in the workplace. 

If we want to change our RESULTS, we must change our ACTIONS

 If we want to change our ACTIONS in a lasting and meaningful way, we must change our THINKING. 


Training and functional coaching addresses the ACTIONS element, but only through taking control of our THINKING, can we truly transform the RESULTS we get.

Why is it that we can KNOW the right way to behave in a challenging situation, but in practice, often default to old, ineffective behaviours?

  • We KNOW we should ACT, but we PROCRASTINATE.
  • We KNOW we should stay CALM and FOCUSED, but we allow STRESS/ ANGER/ FEAR to take hold of us and get in the way of clear and decisive action
  • We KNOW we should DELEGATE, and why, but we continue to DO THINGS OURSELVES because it is easier
  • We KNOW we should invest time in planning, motivating and performance-managing our teams, but we just don’t have time (or don’t know how…. or have given up trying…)

Experience shows us that consciously ‘knowing’ something is rarely enough to change our actions. Equally, ‘telling’ one of our team or colleagues what to do does not consistently result in the intended actions being taken.

What is it that prevents us from smoothly achieving what we want to achieve? To be successful, we must first understand the thinking that drives an individual to act, or not. 

Getting to know our mind…

Recent studies have shown that 93-94% of our mind is subconscious. Our decision-making and behaviours (and therefore our results) are determined by our thought processes. And of these processes, we are only aware of 6-7%!

The key to effectiveness then, both personally and as a leader, is to learn to recognise what is going on in that critical 93-94%, in ourselves and our team.

The Missing Think teaches leaders how to understand what their drivers really are, and what is driving those around them.

We address the root of the issue. Rather than applying bandaid training, which may hold for a period of time, The Missing Think works with businesses and individuals to understand exactly what exceptional leadership looks like for each client and addresses the cultural, individual and the underlying restrictions to free up the individual/ team to succeed in a way that is meaningful to them.

For more information about how The Missing Think can help you take your leadership success to the next level, contact us.